Aransas County History Portal


Aransas County History Portal

This site is a simple directory of organizations, websites, and special events which have been made known to us.  The intent is not to replace any existing websites, but to serve as a simple directory, a 'portal', which points to various historic resources in Aransas County and to provide a set of basic services for those organizations that don't have the resources to promote a 'web presence' or advertise special events.

We will make visible any information relating to Aransas County history if we know about it or it is brought to our attention.

In addition to a basic listing on the home page, we will make available (currently for free) some basic services for those organizations who may not have their own websites. These include:

  • A single webpage detailing and promoting additional information about your organization (purpose, meeting dates, contacts, etc).
  • An email address (of the form '[name]') for people viewing this site to direct inquiries and contact requests about your organization or event.

All the information presented here is either publicly available through searches, existing websites, or made known to us for inclusion on this site.

Every effort is made to present information in an objective and impartial manner. Ultimately, the determination of applicability to this site, and the inclusion of information on this site, and its format, is under the control and at the discretion of the webmaster.

Use the 'Contact ACH Portal ' link on the left side of the page to contact us with questions or requests for content updates. Or email us directly at