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 Fulton Schoolhouse Museum







Want to see what a one-room-schoolhouse looked like?

Come visit the Fulton Schoolhouse Museum.

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 1PM - 4PM.

Located at the corner of Cactus & 7th in Fulton.

Custodians: The Stenson-Simpson Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Info: 361-729-5725


The original one-room schoolhouse in Fulton was built in 1886. It was damaged in a hurricane in the 1940s, and rebuilt. The building today is a near replica of the 1886 building. The interior boasts vintage children’s desks (complete with inkwell holes!), a teacher’s desk, many vintage school books, slates, switches…and more.

There is a replica of the Fulton Mansion that was handmade by a winter Texan several years ago and donated to the town of Fulton. The original schoolhouse bell is now at the Fulton Learning Center, where it “rings out” the fifth graders when they graduate every May.

Along one side of the room are display boxes, showcasing the history of Fulton with photographs and memorabilia. There are vintage rhythm band instruments, a hand-knotted cast net, and fire grenades.